2018-2019 Seminole Sports Coach Contacts

Athletic Director - Coach Boxill
See Coach Steele for Intramural Sports - it is a great way to get ready for the seasons!

Begins August (season has ended)

Softball - Coach Greer
Basevall - Coach Domingos

Begins October (season has ended)
Volleyball Girls - Coach Steele
Soccer Boys - Coach McIntyre

Begins January
Basketball - Coach T Brown/Coach Boxill
Soccer Girls - Coach McIntyre

Begins March
Volleyball Boys - Coach Hall
Track - Coach Steele/Coach McCray/Coach Rolle/Coach Morgan

All Year
Cheer Team - Coach Rolle

Be sure to fill out an athletic packet prior to trying out for a sport - you will need an updated physical and the packet notarized.  If you have questions, stop by the front office.