Medical Sciences Academy - Mrs. Coleman

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Mrs. Coleman's
Medical Science Academy Honors
Grades 6th-8th

     Students in the Medical Sciences Academy follow an intensive three-year high school preparatory program which emphasizes science, mathematics, and language skills and will prepare them to be highly competitive in the medical field.  The program is designed to encourage and prepare students for entry into high school  medical programs or related fields of study.

     The purpose of the program is to provide all students with a motivating, skill-based curriculum which teaches job specific medical skills, facilitate student awareness of medical and allied health professions, and start the preparation and training for endless opportunities in the future. Students will have opportunity to learn about high paying careers and exposure to various occupations to truly fulfill there dreams.

     Students introduction of the Medical Sciences in the middle school level will help them in the decision-making process of becoming a health professional. 

     We strive to help students reach their goals using the principles of the Medical Science Academy. 

 If you love what you do and do what you love you will never work a day in your life.