Choice Programs - IB, Medical & Robotics

Please contact Mrs. Fisher for additional information on our programs.

IB Program: 
The program encourage both personal and academic achievement, challenging students to excel in their studies and in their personal development. 

Medical Sciences Academy: 
The goal of the program is to develop a professional pre-medical student who has early focus, leadership abilities, and a mature attitude toward his or her academic studies. Students generally focus by their third year (8th Grade) with career goals, community awareness, responsibility for citizenship and establish themselves as leaders as they enter High School. Many students feel that the program is a pivotal event which has altered the trajectory of their career aspirations and scholarly pursuits.

Robotics Academy: Students will follow an intensive three–year high school preparatory program which emphasizes science, mathematics, technology, engineering skills plus will prepare them to be highly competitive in the Engineering field. The program is designed to encourage problem solving, decision making, verbal and written communication and computer literacy. It prepares students for entry into a high school robotics and engineering program or related fields of study.